Critical Facilities

We identify customers that cannot tolerate an electrical disturbance in their operation as critical facilities. Examples of these type of facilities are Hospitals, Data Centers, or Bio-tech manufacturing facilities. To serve a customer that falls into this category a contractor has to have electricians that are experts in the types of systems that are being installed, processes that are regarded as best in-class and a culture of commitment to customer service. Our team strives to demonstrate these characteristics at every opportunity and have been fortunate to have had many opportunities over the years to do so.

BioMarin Backfill Phase 2

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Location: Novato, Ca

General Contractor: Dome Construction

Description: In 2016/2017 Long Electric was contracted to perform electrical construction to support the modifications of several lab spaces across two (2) floors at 95 Digital Drive, 300 Bel Marin Keys and 46 Galli Drive.

#1 in safety for 6 years running

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