Sustainable Energy

There has not been a more exciting time to be in the electrical industry since Long Electric began and it is largely due to the energy behind ENERGY. Whether the project be power generation (wind or solar), reducing power consumption (LED, lighting control, daylighting, dimming etc.), reducing fuel dependency (electric vehicle charging stations), or the emergence of energy storage, all of these current and emerging markets require a skilled and competent electrical contractor to perform. Long Electric strives to be at the forefront of emerging markets and continually seek out the best training and certifications. This can be most recently demonstrated by our contractor certification with the California Advanced Lighting Control Program (CALCTP).

Genentech Dixon PV Project

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Location: Dixon, CA

General Contractor: DPR Construction

Description: In 2017, Long Electric contracted with Stion Corporation to perform the installation of a new 613.8 kW photovoltaic field at the Genentech facility in Dixon, CA. The project scope included installation of AC and DC power system raceways, cabling and terminations, inverters, panelboards, AC disconnect, labeling, and testing. The project was completed on schedule, within budget and performed safely with no recordable lost time incidents.

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