Genentech CCP2 Return to Service

Location: Vacaville, CA

Contract Amount:

General Contractor: DPR Construction


At 450,000 sq. ft., the expansion of Genentech’s facility in Vacaville, California makes it the largest biotechnology fermentation facility of its kind in the world. The Return to Service (RTS) project included 52 original work scopes to bring the plant in compliance with Genentech and Roche standards and ready for manufacturing operations. Approx. 70 process systems required construction activities to be completed. The project was complete within the original 12 month schedule with approximately 200,000 man hours (all construction) and no lost time accidents. Long Electric manned several crews to tackle the 52 working scopes. The following electrical systems fell under the contract scope for Long Electric: new power, lighting and lighting control, raceways for security, fire alarm, and tel/data, as well as power requirements to tie in new HVAC equipment, building automation systems, and electrical controls.


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