2020 Project Excellence Award

NECA Project Excellence Award logo

We are honored to have received a Project Excellence Award from the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) to close out 2020. For our exceptional work on a Garage Solar Project for Workday, NECA recognized Long Electric for their outstanding commitment, professionalism, and ingenuity in delivering an electrical project.

The project, an installation of a photovoltaic system on the garage rooftop at Workday in Pleasanton, California, was completed successfully, within the project schedule, and without safety incidents. The scope of work included the installation of photovoltaic panels, inverters, DC wiring, electrical raceways, and AC wiring along with new electrical distribution. At the heart of the PV system is a large, 865-kilowatt solar array that provides up to one-third of the daily electrical needs of the 410,000 square-foot building.

About the Project Excellence Program

The Project Excellence Awards program was developed to recognize excellence in electrical/technology installations from members responsible for their outstanding achievements. The award competition identifies examples of quality project management and acknowledges innovative projects to help motivate its member-contractors to identify and optimize the use of their strengths.