Greg Long Inducted into the Academy of Electrical Contractors

Greg Long receives his award from the Academy

Long Electric President Greg Long, was inducted into the Academy of Electrical Contracting, which recognizes his exceptional and outstanding service to the electrical contracting industry.

The Academy of Electrical Contracting was established in Philadelphia On October 11, 1968. On that date, the Board of Governors of the National Electrical Contractors Association authorized the addition of Article XI to the NECA Bylaws, thus establishing the Academy to recognize exceptional and outstanding service to the electrical contracting industry.

Purpose of the Academy

The purposes of the Academy are to honor outstanding leaders in the electrical contracting field and to preserve and utilize for the benefit of the construction industry the wealth of experience and ability they have developed through their years of dedicated effort.

Fellows of the Academy must have rendered exceptional service to their industry, and that service is continued and enhanced through membership in the Academy. Fellows prepare special papers on aspects of electrical construction in which they have developed expert knowledge. They also participate in fact-finding surveys to determine trends within the industry and make recommendations based on their analyses. An important responsibility for the members of the Academy is participation in long-range studies to ascertain future requirements for electrical contracting.

The NECA Board of Governors adopted an amendment to the NECA Bylaws on October 23, 1999, which permitted some changes to the Academy Rules. Subsequently, the NECA Bylaws were restated on October 16, 2004, and what was Article XI became Article XIII.

The specific language follows:

Article XIII The Academy of Electrical Contracting
There shall be established and maintained, within the Association, an Academy of Electrical Contracting. There may be admitted to the Academy, as Fellows, individuals whose services to the electrical contracting industry are so exceptional and outstanding as to be deserving of the highest honor and recognition. The Academy may adopt such operating rules and procedures, and engage in such activities, as are consistent with the Bylaws of the Association, and are approved by the Board of Governors.

To learn more about the NECA Academy of Electrical Contractors please visit the website.